Monday, June 30, 2014

Take Heed

Matthew 18:6

"If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea."

Last week in our small group we discussed the gay marriage debate in our state. We all agreed that we need to stand firm in our belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and nothing else! Unfortunately society wants us to have a change of heart and is doing everything possible to change our minds. I came across this article that tells how society is now trying to convince children in schools that same-sex marriage is ok. Even though our children are not in public school, we have plenty of family and friends who are as well as teachers. So please take a few minutes to read the following article to know the signs if your school is promoting same-sex marriage.

"The family is the foundation of our society and Satan is out to destroy this foundation. We have often allowed Satan to enter our homes like a thief, and have not even noticed his presence. He has not just come once and disappeared, but continues to sneak in undercover daily, using the influence of games, toys, books, TV, videos, movies, music, computer games, the Internet, and above all school friends and teachers. Often parents do not realize how their children are being affected as they busy themselves with all the work they "have" to do. " (Taken from ://


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

10 months and summer break

Crawling, getting into everything, eating table food, loves playing with her toys and being center of attention

Nate getting his last day of school certificate.

Josh will be going in the 4th grade.

Livy will be going into the 6th grade.

For our last day of school KASH  had the first ever field day. It was a full day of different races. All of the kiddos participated (even mom and dad at times), and had a blast.  

Daddy helping Nate with the sack race. 

Miss Maddy was their cheerleader!

Liv and Josh with their team doing a relay race. 

Liv and Josh both ran the 400 yard race.

Hula Hoop contest

Both boys played flag football this spring with daddy as their coach. 

Nate's down and ready. Josh is ready to run. 

Liv's loving every minute of softball this year. 

She's was so excited to be on Lanie's team. 

Jeff took Liv and Josh  for an archery camp out with the Aaron and his boys. 

Jeff and Aaron strutting their muscles.  

Nice shot Livy!

You too Josh!

Josh practicing his shooting skills. 

Josh throwing tomahawk 

Liv's turn

Ready to shoot

They look great!

Liv taking a shot with a cross bow. 

He's such a great daddy!

The same day Liv and Josh were with Jeff at archery camp, Grammy spent the day with Nate at church camp. 

I think church camp wore him out. He had so much fun though and loved spending the day with his Grammy. 

The boys have been busy helping Daddy build Mommy a new deck. 

Josh has been finding creative ways to use the left over lumber. 

Miss Maddy hanging out at the ball park.

Maddy got into the pool for the first time two weeks ago and absolutely loved it. 

Jeff and the boys getting in some deer tracking time. 

They really get a kick out of finding tracks. 

Maddy and Nate got some bonding time together while Jeff took the other two camping. 

Nate was playing school with Maddy. He was teaching her math this day.

Hope you all have a fun filled summer!!