Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We're back!

It's amazing how months just slip by you so quickly. I realize I haven't updated our blog for several months.However, we have busy doing life and that includes a very active toddler who wants her mommy and daddy's attention at all times. So here's a quick version of what these last couple of months looked like. I promise I will try to do better.

We had breakfast with Santa

Celebrated Christmas
Christmas with the cousins and uncles

Christmas with my brothers and sister

So blessed!

Maddy's favorite nap time spot

Our youth group went tobogganing during Christmas break

This is a picture the of the toboggan ride. It was so fast and scary that I went only once.  I then  volunteered to be video taker.

Celebrated our annual New Year's get together.

Maddy didn't make it until midnight. 

Grandma and grandpa got the boys tickets to see a superhero show for Christmas. They had a fun boys day out. 

Maddy sporting her "Punky Brewster" look

We enjoyed our Christmas break, but it was time to get back to work. 

Jeff and I got Liv tickets to see Jamie Grace in concert for Christmas. This past Saturday, just the two of us spent the day in Shipshewana doing some shopping and then going to the concert. After the concert was over we waited in a l...o...n...g line to meet her and to get an autograph. It was worth it to see Liv's excitement as she got to meet one of her favorite singers.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Enjoying Fall

I can't believe we are about ready to celebrate Thanksgiving! Where has the time gone? The last couple of weeks have offered a lot of fun family activity around here.

We braved the bitter cold for some trick-or-treating. 

Livy doing some school work in the beautiful fall weather. 

We visited Guffey Acres with our church again this year. The kids were excited they all had a friend to take along with our church friends. 

Liv and her friends getting ready for a hay ride. 

Maddy and Mommy going on the tractor ride. 

Time for some apple picking! Jeff's boss owns an apple orchard and blesses us all the apples our heart desires. Nate is a great apple picker. 

Josh helps out too. Time for mom to make applesauce!

It's hunting season! Jeff has been able to take a kiddo each time he has gone out this year. Livy was the first to go. 

Here she is helping dad with the range finder. 

Josh's turn was next. 

I think we can get him dad!

This is Nate's first year going hunting with dad. He loves waiting for the big one! 

Finally, I got my chance on Sunday to go out with my hubby. I take my Kindle and enjoy the peace and quiet of reading while spending some time with my guy. 

Liv's Girls With a Purpose group (a group of home school girls doing various service projects) decorated a Christmas tree for We Care this year. Their theme was Cooking Up Christmas. They did a great job and I'm sure it will do well at the auction. 

Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed the last of the warm weather doing school outdoors. Josh is reading Little House on the Prairie for school right now. So I thought since we have access to so much wood, it would be a great learning experience to build a miniature log cabin like in his story. They were so excited to go collect the wood and have dad help them with it. 

Maddy taking a break. 

Great teamwork kiddos! It's getting there. 

Liv and Maddy taking a break. Liv is such wonderful sister.

I've been drinking my green smoothie's every morning for the last 10 months. I can't believe how much better I feel and all the energy I have since cutting out the caffeine. I continue to buy organic foods whenever possible, taking cod liver oil, coconut oil, cutting out all artificial flavors and colors, along with the least amount of preservatives possible (including what we put on our bodies: lotions, shampoos, etc). It takes baby steps,and a lot of reading, but it feels good to give our family the best and healthiest food possible. For fall I have been drinking this, a green pumpkin smoothie. Here's the recipe for you all to me, you just might like it!

Green Pumpkin Smoothie
1/3 cup pumpkin puree
1/3 cup lowfat greek yogurt 
4 oz almond milk
1 hearty handful spinach
1 tbsp fresh parsley
1/4 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp flax seeds
scoop of protein powder
blend well and enjoy!

Hope you are all enjoying your fall!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Picture Time

We spent some time on Saturday taking new family, sibling and individual pictures. I was wanting to wait for the leaves to change color some more, but instead we took advantage of a beautiful warm afternoon and snapped some at my mom's place. Enjoy!

It only took 4 times to actually get on with everyone looking! That has to be a record.

Our two handsome boys.

Our two beautiful daughters.

This is the most challenging picture to take. I was hoping to get some more of them all together, but it's near to impossible to get Maddy to stand still right now. 

Olivia is becoming a beautiful young lady inside and out.  
Josh looks so much like his daddy!

Nathan is our most photogenic child. I love this one. It captures his mischievous personality!  

He loves having his picture taken. 

Miss Maddy posing pretty. 

I knew as soon as I saw this hat for her I wanted some pictures taken of her in it. 

However, it didn't stay on long. Now you can see those beautiful curls blowing in the breeze. 
Have a great week!