Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last day of school

We wrapped up our school year on Friday with schooling in the morning and lunch at the park. This year seemed to fly by, which I think a lot of it had to do with the curriculum we used this year.  Last summer I read and researched Charlotte Mason and her methods of teaching. I felt that this was the way we were to go and took off with it this year. The kiddos really enjoyed this year and we had a lot less stress and tears. We will be sticking with this method as I think it works best for all of us. I will be spending the next month getting organized, scheduling, and purchasing books. If all goes as planned we will be starting back up in July, which they are not thrilled about. However, I want to allow for extra time in our calendar in case we are able to go adopt our little one sometime in the school year. Until then, they will spend the summer finishing up softball, football, going to church camp, doing the summer reading program, enjoying a week of VBS, working on 4-H projects, going to Lake Michigan, and lots of swimming.
We are so proud of the both of you!

We went to the nature center at the park for our last day. Livy really liked holding the turtle.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Believe

Today Jeff and I received  a letter in a mail today from Show Hope, which is Steven Curtis and Mary Chapman's organization that gives grants to families adopting. We applied a few months ago for this grant knowing that at the end of this month they would be blessing families with grants to adopt a child. We knew that there were probably hundreds of applications being sent in as they only pass out grants twice a year. We were hoping that maybe we would receive a few hundred dollars and we would be so grateful. But before I go on I feel that I must share what God has been speaking to me these past few weeks. Three weeks ago I was reading the story of how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. I've read this story I don't know how many times but this time John 11:40 spoke to me so strongly that I couldn't stop reading that verse until I had to pull myself away. The verse that I now have forever embedded in my soul is "Did I not I tell you that if  believed you would see the glory of God?" I knew that morning that God was up to something big. He was speaking it so clearly to me that throughout these past three weeks that He would  wash it over me whenever a hint of fear or doubt would arise concerning any area of adoption. I kept telling Him that I am holding onto that verse as His promise and that I will walk this thing in faith because I don't want to have faith in you after I see what you are up to. I want to have faith in you now when I don't know what is going on or how things are going to play out. Well that same week we humbly received a $700 grant from our adoption agency that also rewards grants to adopting families. I said to God ok, was that was what the verse was for? However, He was still washing it over me these last few weeks and I feel it was leading up to today.  Today Show Hope awarded us $6000 to bring our little girl home! I cried on and off all afternoon, not only for how grateful we are, but because He has been speaking so clearly to me about this telling me just to believe.I have to admit I had my doubts that we would receive anything, but to receive such a large amount could only be Him showing up in a big way. We are so humble to serve such a wonderful God and so grateful that He has blessed us in every step of this process. Our prayer is that others will hear our testimony to see that when God opens a door for you and you step out in faith, He will provide and walk with you in every step even when you can't see. In the meantime our journey is not over as we are now waiting ,in His time, to bring our daughter into our lives. Until then we will believe. Because know matter what the outcome we will see the glory of God as He will be walking with us all the way.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy, Busy

I downloaded the pictures I had on the camera today. A little bit of school, football and Josh loosing his first tooth were all on it. Here are some pictures of the last two weeks. Happy Mother's Day to our wonderful mom's and girlfriends in our lives!
It was a big week for Josh. He finally lost a tooth and had his
first football game.

Way to go buddy!

We took them to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky on Wednesday for a field trip,
We saw frogs...

and sharks. Livy is brave enough to try and touch one.

Fish from all over the world,

including this huge Japanese Spider Crab.
It was right on the Ohio River so they enjoyed seeing all of the long bridges and the river.
Josh showing off his science experiment he did in school this week. Ask him about his celery project, and I'm sure he'll share.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy B-Day Livy

Happy 9th Birthday Livy!!  I was the nice mom today and gave her the day off of school for her b-day. She woke up to a bouquet of flowers that her daddy bought her and then spent the day enjoying the weather with her brothers. For dinner we took her out to eat. She is sooo excited that she was able to buy an I-Pod with her b-day money. She is growing up way to fast. We love you sis!