Friday, April 25, 2014

Shoes for orphans

Olivia's 11th birthday is May 2. This year instead of presents for herself she is collecting shoes for orphan souls. Her goal is collect to 50 pairs by May 11. As a family we have collected for this organization before and can say they are a wonderful Christian based ministry that delivers shoes all over the world. If you feel led to donate one or several pairs of shoes in honor of her birthday she would be greatly appreciative. It doesn't matter the gender or size as long as they are new (think Walmart or Target sale racks). They are for children in areas of the world that may be in harsh areas so we ask that you donate no open toed shoes. If you have any questions feel free to check out their site at or let me know.
Have a blessed day!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Our first Easter with Maddy

This video brings me to tears knowing the pain that Jesus went through for us. Even if you were the only one on this Earth ,He still would have come to be sacrificed for you. His love and grace for us beyond our comprehension as there is no greater love than His. If you haven't accepted the true meaning of Easter and asked Him for forgiveness and into your heart there is no better time than at this moment. He's overcome the grave and because of this we have access to the greatest gift imaginable. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

8 months and then some

Life has been a little hectic around here lately. The kids and I came down with the flu within a one week period, Liv went with Lanie to Brown county for an overnight trip, we had Nate's birthday, softball and football season have started, Liv went to a youth conference, wrapping up our last couple weeks of school, enjoying some warmer weather, started spring cleaning, and of course Miss Maddy turned 8 months last Friday. So here are some pics of all of the above.
8 months old (she won't leave the board alone any longer)
Daddy and Livy bought this dress for her last week at the hunting store. They insisted she wear it for this pic.
weighs 18 lbs, getting up on all fours, starting to mimic facial expressions, experienced first time of being sick, loves being read to, moved out of her infant car seat to a big girl car seat (my back is relieved), gives kisses
Livy was a big help to Jeff when I was down with the flu.
Josh was a big help taking care of his baby sister when she had the flu.

Livy at her sping concert.
Having some game time with mom

Boys finding bugs outside.

Nate going to the hunting store with dad.
Finally, we can play outside!
Time to bring out the bows.

Nate wanted to go to the zoo for his birthday. It was a beautiful day.
Liv touching a shark.
At the butterfly garden.
Momma and her kiddos.
Maddy checking out the flamingo.
Livy was excited she got to hold this bird.

Josh with the flamingos.

What do you think Nate wanted to see first? Of course the penguins!

Look mom! I see the....
lemurs! The second animal he wanted to see.

Livy with the group of girls she went with from church to enjoy the Believe conference. They had a blast and are already talking about going back next year.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Nate!

Today we celebrate our baby boys 6th birthday! It doesn't seem possible that six years have gone by since this sweet little boy entered our lives. He is such a joy to our lives and thank God he has entrusted him to us. We love you Na Na!


Riding his new scooter he got today around the house.