Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

We took the kids to the Christmas Eve service at our church. This is my favorite part of Christmas as we celebrate and remember Christ's birth. The church was absolutely beautiful as well as the service. The boys both fell asleep during it, but I am so glad we were able to go as a family.

The kiddos in their new pj's on Christmas morning.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Daddy and Livy

Jeff took Olivia Christmas shopping today. This is one of the most exciting days of the year for her. He takes her to Carmel letting her pick anywhere she wants to eat (this year it was Red Robin) and then to buy presents for mommy. When they were out today he send me a text, "she shops like her mom." She has to look at everything and go to every store. He started this tradition years ago with her and I told him the other day I hope they do it for the rest of his life. It is so nice for them to have this special date day to look forward to every year.

Daddy and Livy on their date today.

I must explain this picture. Jeff sent it to me on my phone. My phone screen is very small and I thought it was a purse. I was informed they were sports bras and Livy thought they were fancy looking. Oh my!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Grandma Dorothy today! Kiddos went over to help decorate their Christmas tree today.

They love to decorate a tree.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Enjoy today

When we woke this morning, life went on as usual for the kiddos as they prepared to go have breakfast with Santa. However, for Jeff and myself we couldn't wrap our minds around the horrific feelings twenty parents had to wake to this morning. Feelings I can't even begin to or never want to imagine. When we were at breakfast at church this morning, our children were playing and enjoying the excitement of Christmas. In the back of my mind was the constant reminder of those parents that won't have these times any longer to make memories with their children. I felt a sense of guilt that we are so blessed to have our children for another day. How do I give God thanks in my gratitude journal for the loss of innocent lives? Do I thank Him that they are in the loving arms of Jesus now, or that it reminds us how fragile life is and can be taken at anytime? How does one find thanks in evil that seems to overtaking this country at a rampant speed ? I thank God by remembering that over two thousand years ago a baby was born in the dark to overcome evil with His light. He came in order for  us to have salvation and to fulfill us with the Holy Spirit which helps us lead those that don't know Him during these difficult times. We are His light in these times to offer hope and reassurance that He is with us and not forsake us.

Josh, his friend Caleb, and Nate

Olivia with her friends, Abby, Delanie and Maryn. Sorry I didn't get a picture with them with Santa.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Program

What a weekend for the kiddos. They practiced their Christmas program all Saturday morning and then in the afternoon they performed at the nursing home. Practiced again Sunday morning and then performed it for the church and family on Sunday evening. They all did a wonderful job and we are so proud of all of the kids.

Olivia getting ready to play "All Come All Ye Faithful" before the play at the nursing home. She did great.

Putting on the Christmas play at the nursing home. Liv and Josh are in the back row, while Nate is in the front.

Last night's performance at church. They looked so cute in their costumes.  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

 I have been trying to post for the last couple of weeks but every time I tried to upload pictures it said I had used up my storage and I needed to purchase more. I have been putting it off thinking it would stop asking me, but it happened to my friend too so I had to purchase more storage today. So we are back up and at em.
Before we start just a quick update on our adoption. As many of you know we have switched to domestic,along with agencies. We have just completed our home study (again) and we mailed out our paperwork today. I have to work on our portfolio for expected moms to look at, as the mothers choose which family they want their child to go to. So the time period of adopting a child could be either a short or long wait as it is in the mother's hands. We know that in God's time we will be blessed with a new life to love.
Now here's what we have been up to.....

Spent Thanksgiving at Grammy and Allen's. What a wild bunch!

They all decorated Grammy and Allen's tree Thanksgiving night.

Now we are into the Christmas season. We started out packing our Operation Christmas Boxes. The kids really enjoy packing and making cards for a child they will never meet. 

It seems that this month will fly by with all of the activities going on. Livy had her Keepers Christmas party today. Saturday they will be putting on their Christmas program at the nursing home and Olivia will play the piano. Boys will be entertaining us Sunday evening at church in their Christmas program. Next week is their Awana Christmas dinner and program.
 In the midst of all of the programs and festivities we are trying to be still and remember the expectation of Christ's birth. We have limited the amount of screen time (computer, tv, iPod, etc.) going on in the house. I found these cute screen time charts at to set a limit on the amount time they are to do these activities each day.  This time of the year it easy for them to get caught up in the excitement of  Christmas morning instead of the reason. We are trying to incorporate more Christmas hymns being played in the house throughout the day and time for them to be still by having our own advent time with them on Sunday evenings.
Be still and rejoice in the expectation of Christ's birth this season.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


The last two weeks Jeff has taken the kids hunting. He took Livy last week and she lasted about an hour. This week was Josh's turn and he stayed out the whole time. He had so much fun and saw a lot of deer. When they first got to the woods they saw several doe in the field. Jeff  was on one side of the truck getting himself ready and when he turned around to get Josh ready he wasn't there. He found him out in the field chasing the does. When they were in their spot a couple of nice doe came back into the field. Jeff started calling her in then Josh thought he should start trying to call her in also. Let's just say the doe didn't care for Josh's call and ran off.  They didn't bring one home (I wonder why), but the time they spent together is most important. Now it's mom's turn to go!

I can't wait until I can start bringing my bow like dad.

I like spending time with my dad.

Nate didn't understand that he was to young to go hunting.  Instead, with daddy's help, he went out back to shoot his Halloween pumpkin.

Monday, November 12, 2012


In flip flops and steak on the grill yesterday. Boots and veggie soup today. Only in Indiana!

Catching the first snowflakes of the season. They were out at 8:30 this morning to enjoy the falling flakes. But it ended quickly as they became cold were ready to warm up with some hot chocolate. I don't think we were really ready for the cold after a beautiful weekend.

Ready, Aim, Fire! They were able to gather enough snow off the table to each make a snowball.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Eucharisteo means thanksgiving. Last month I read the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Other than the Bible, this book has transformed my thinking and living. One Thousand's a challenge then it becomes your way of thinking sinking into the attitude of everyday. To give thanks to God for everything in your life, no matter the circumstance. To take time and realize when there is a gift right in front of you and embracing it. To pursue this life to the fullest and enjoying the moment. To slow down, and give thanks because,
" Eucharisteo always precedes the miracle."

I started my list of One Thousand Gift on October 20th. Today I listed my 100th gift. Everyday the scales are being peeled away from my eyes to see the smallest gifts He has given me.  Moments that I have always taken for granted are now being seen in a new and thankful light...a light of eucharisteo. Gifts that He has given me to capture and hold onto because this life goes to fast not to savor every single gift He has lavishly given a sinner like me. I, we, must take time to be still, enjoy and capture the smallest of these gifts. Above all we must  be thankful to the one who has given them to us.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Go Broncos!

The tickets I got Jeff for our anniversary were for yesterday's game. He was so excited to be there that I hope he will be able to go to more games in the future.  He took me to IKEA before the game and that is like taking a kid to the toy store. I love that store.  No matter what we did,  it was nice to have the whole day ourselves and to enjoy each others company. The Broncos winning just made the day a little bit sweeter. We couldn't have had such a wonderful day however, without the help of Grandma, Grammy and Andrea. Thank you all for watching our kiddos for us.

I think I did pretty good on picking out our seats. Hubby was impressed.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

I didn't make any costumes this year. They had Awana right after trick-or-treating, which they were to wear their pj's. So, Livy is to be dressed for a slumber party, I had this blow up police costume to put over his pj's and Josh put on a monster hat to be a the character from book There's a Monster's under my Bed.  It worked out to everyone's satisfaction.

We decorated our pumpkins when we had nice weather last week.

Have a boo-tiful evening!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Relaxing weekend

Hubby had the weekend off and we spent it doing nothing around the house. We enjoyed a Friday evening laughing, and growing closer with our small group. We love the friendships, and closeness we have with our group. Saturday we surprised the kiddos and took them to Guffey Acres to enjoy the beautiful fall day. Today we spent the day in worship and then relaxing around the house. Hubby even told me to take a nap while he watched the kiddos. What a good guy he is. Have a great week!

It was a beautiful day to play outdoors.

Josh rounding up his cow.

Daddy giving Livy a ride on her cow.
Nathan loved lassoing the cows. 
The popcorn jumper was a hit for all of them.

Taking a tractor ride. I think Liv is getting to big for this one. 

Jumping on the hay bales is always fun.

That's one big checker board.
To finish up our day we did the corn maze. We only got lost a couple of times, but that's what makes it fun. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I love CM

Today I took the kiddos to the park for their nature study. It reminded me why I love teaching them using Charlotte Mason's methods. This kind of learning is not something they can get from a book. One must witness with the eyes the wonders of our great creator. I can't express enough how much using Ms. Mason's methods of teaching has blessed their lives and allowed them to see and experience so much more than I ever imagined.
"Children should be encouraged to watch, patiently and quietly, until they learn something of the habits and history of bee, ant, wasp, spider, hairy caterpillar, dragon-fly, and whatever of larger growth comes in their way." C. Mason

"An Observant Child should be put in the way of Things worth Observing" C. Mason

"They must be let alone, left to themselves a great deal, to take in what they can of the beauty of earth and heavens."  Mason