Saturday, October 3, 2015

New writer:)

Mom let me (Liv) take over the blog!! Mom is behind, no, she is behind A LOT!!! lol. This is what has been going on!!!

Field day!! 

Nate running with a bean bag!

Passing the sponge

Nate hula hooping

Mother's day!!!


Messy Maddy

Going into 1st grade!

Going into 5th grade!

Going into 7th grade:)

Finally summer!!!!!!

Maddy loves to play dress up

Someone ended up in mom and dad's bed!

Ok, is it just me, or can Nathan rock a selfie? Lol!

Loved playing softball!

So sad the season is over:(


Having fun painting

Music time!

Play dough is so much fun

Hope ya'll had a great 4th of July!

This year, our church made a float for the 4th of July parade! It was so fun!

The boys hangin' out on the float

Madison hanging out with her friends

In the bounce house

Josh hanging out

Maddy and Natalie:)

Church camp!!!

One of my favorite events of the year!

We slept over the swamp. We were so worried that one of us would sleepwalk and fall into the swamp! Luckily that didn't happen:)

Right after mom picked me up from camp, we all went to Kokomo beach

Josh and Caleb

Delaney and I

Madison is such a big helper!

I cannot believe she is already 2!

Hanging out!

Maddy opening her presents 

So spoiled!

She is getting WAY to big

She loved having the song "Happy Birthday" sung to her!

Have a feeling she is going to have a sugar!

Time to start school back up! I'm going into 7th grade

Josh going into 5th grade!

Nathan going into 1st grade!

And Maddy going into pre-pre K!

Summer went by so quick!

So this is how I spent my first day of school!

Teaching Madison how to fish

Maddy always makes a mess with her food!

Seriously, this is day 2!

Josh  and Maryn got baptized! 

Josh and Nate at Lego Club!

I love this picture I took of Madison!

The boys shooting! (Notice Nate still has on his church clothes. Haha)

Maddy feeding me a raspberry:) she is so sweet

Maddy and Daddy taking a break!

She is such a little tomboy! I've never been so proud of her! lol!

Maddy and Mom out in the shade chillin' out

Watching a show

Josh getting his braces on!


Mom and Dad went to Shipshewana for their anniversary.

Lego club!

So that's pretty much everything that we have been up to! Bye!

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