Thursday, January 27, 2011

"The Hero in the Night"  
Jeff and I have been praying this week for Officer Moore that was shot Sunday. Our hearts go out to his parents and pray for peace for them. 
Please keep all police officers in your prayers as they daily stand in the gap for us. 
Next time a cop stops you because you are driving too fast,
Remember he saved you from that day being your last.
When you think he’s picking on someone,
Why not think of what they could have done?
Next time you call him a name,
Would he have called you the same?
How would you feel to see a child beaten black and blue?
And knowing there is not much you can really do.
You can arrest them and hope they stay in jail,
But, too many times it doesn’t work that well.
To see the face of someone right before they die,
When he can’t but all he wants to do is cry.
To break up a fight, knowing later it will be worse,
And from his help, all that came was him being cursed.
To know that people don’t respect what he chose to do,
But day after day, he’s out there to protect people like you.
To see drugs sold to a child younger than his own,
Makes his heart ache and long for his home.
The job has no glamour, doesn’t even pay well,
He does it because he cares for more than himself.
He cares for you and he cares for me,
He’s out there hoping we will all see.
He took a path not many would take,
And he chose it for our sake.
He’s a remarkable soul, a Hero in the Night,
When all is well, he’s not in sight.
But, if you ever need him, he’ll be right there,
Not just because he’s a cop but because he cares.

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