Thursday, March 3, 2011

What we've been up to...

We have been enjoying the slightly warmer temperatures the last couple of days.  Oh how we've missed the outside. When we were out today I noticed my tulips have come up about 2 inches. Yeah!! Anyway, the kids have been chucking away at school knowing that if they get it done now there will more days of summer to enjoy. I have had my nose in a new book every free chance I get (oh how I love our library). Jeff has been working a lot of overtime so we can reach some financial goals. He's also been doing some little house repairs around here knowing as soon as the weather gets warmer he will have some bigger projects outside.Have a great day!!

Nate decided to do some painting today. Notice his race car. He ran it through the tires and made tracks on his picture. Such a Picasso.

Look mommy! He can't stand to have paint on him. We have to wipe him off many times while creating his masterpieces.

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