Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What we've been up to...

For the last day of school I surprised them and took them to  the museum. Here they are dressing up like paleontologist studying dinosaur fossils.  

When we got home from the museum I began pricing garage sale items. Daddy got home from work and was in charge of watching them. It had poured earlier leaving a pond in the front yard so this is what he lets them do. This is why they call him fun daddy!

Since we have started the Dave Ramsey financial peace we have learned how important it is to teach the kids about money and saving. So for four months they have had jobs to do around the house earning commission. Then on Saturday daddy pays them. They must tithe first for church, then the rest goes for spending and saving.We are so proud of the way they are learning to save for things they want and just not blowing it. Olivia had saved enough between commission and birthday money to buy an American Girl doll by herself. She is so excited. 

Josh's serve day. Today I took Josh to the cemetery for a serve day. Since grandma is not able to go any longer and plant flowers I thought it would be good for Josh and I to do this for her. He was a wonderful helper and full of questions.  Good job buddy!

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