Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Part of the teaching method we use is teaching the kids to do and fix things around the house. Today Jeff was to teach Josh how to change the washers in the laundry room sink. He and the boys headed out to town to get the items needed. Came home and started to work on the sink and realized they bought the wrong size. So he and the boys headed back to town again. Instead they came home with a whole new faucet. Anyway, Josh learned how to replace a faucet and I guess will learn how to change the washers later. On the other hand Olivia has been helping me do laundry, and that includes making the laundry soap. I have been making my own laundry soap for two years and I can't believe how much money we save by making it ourselves. Normally when buy the laundry soap it is costing you $.71 a load when you make it yourself it cost $.1 a load. That savings really adds up. We also save on our electric bill by hanging out our clothes in the nice weather.  So if you want to make your own laundry soap here's the recipe I use. Go to   I usually triple it so I don't have to make it as often.  I also use 1 C. of Borax and 1 C. of washing soda instead of the 1/2 C. of each they call for. It really works and Olivia really likes helping me make it.

Working out her muscles making laundry soap.

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