Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What happened to summer? I can't believe it's already August! Our fun list of summer activities barley got touched as things have come up, Jeff's surgery resulted in a lot of family time at home, church camps, bible school, and of course getting ready for baby. If baby doesn't make her appearance by Monday we are going to go ahead and start school and wait for her arrival then take a week or so off. Sorry I haven't done a great job of keeping up on pics lately. Here are just a few from the last couple of weeks.

Enjoying an afternoon tea party.

I found a few really nice garage sales and filled up the clothes line twice with clothes for the baby.

Having dinner with our friends at church.

We have sunflowers blooming in the garden. The kiddos really enjoy seeing all of the butterflies they attract. Jeff doesn't like them because they are taking nutrients away from the tomato plants. I can't please them all.

Livy and Nate rockin it out at the library program.

Kris and I took the kiddos to Kokomo Beach a few weeks ago. We spent all afternoon there. They had a blast.

Josh and Caleb being goofy at bible school this week.

I found these old windows at a garage sale last week and Jeff turned them into this cabinet for me. I love it!

Here are some pics Livy took at church camp last week. Here they ride the tire swing over this muddy water and fall in.

Livy and Laney in their hut. When I picked her up she was wearing the same clothes I dropped her off in. She got all of her other ones muddy from the tire swing.

Her group getting ready to go canoeing.

Playing a game of volleyball.

Part of her group going down the mud slide.

And for you enjoyment..... Andrea and I having our 'Lucy and Ethel' moment. As we were organizing clothes for back to school give away last week, I found these HUGE pair of jeans. So Andrea says "I bet we both can fit into those." The next thing I know we are both getting into these jeans trying not to fall down or pee our pants from laughing so hard. Oh my, what we do for a good laugh.

This has been our song around here lately. It's a good reminder that know matter what is going on in our lives it's all a blessing from above.

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