Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Look at the Week

Here are the latest pictures taken around here this week. Hope you all had a great week too!

I took some pics of all of the kiddos together. This is too sweet.
I can't believe how fast these two are growing up. They are such good buddies.

Josh has been sneaking into our room at night to spend some one on one time with Maddy.
Jeff took Liv, Josh and Nate back to the creek to play and explore this week. He's such a wonderful daddy. 

Livy is so good with Maddy as she loves to read and play with her.

Livy putting on a puppet show for her new sister.

For school yesterday I took the kiddos to Conner Prairie for the day. We are studying the Civil War right now in history so it's always fun to act out and see some of what we've learned.

Momma with her two babies. Daddy was worried about me going by myself, but they were all so good that they made it easy for me.
Helping to sort beans for the pioneers.

Learning about electricity and how the telegraph worked.

Making windmills was a hit with all of them.

Nate thought Maddy looked cute with his sunglasses. She did so good on her first field trip!

Of course we always have to stop and visit the animals.
Making candles is a long process. They always enjoy taking a couple dips.

Livy would move to a farm in a heartbeat. She loves taking care of the animals.

On our way out we made a stop at the apple store to have some yummy treats.

Maddy is way to relaxed in daddy's arms during her nap today. She already has him wrapped around her little finger. 

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