Monday, January 6, 2014

Let It Snow!

It finally came! My hubby has been waiting years on a snow storm this big. He loves to take the kiddos out in it and act like a kid again. However, today was way to cold to have them out. But that didn't stop him or the neighborhood men. They just can't stand sitting in the house while there are mounds of freshly fallen snow "that has to be taken care of." This afternoon Jeff wanted to see if he could make it down our road. When he finally gets down there he sees my dad sitting there in his car wanting to see if he too can make it down the road. While he's out on his road check, our neighbor was out blessing the neighborhood by plowing our drives. Well he slides off one of the driveways and gets stuck big time. A man stuck in the snow around here is an excuse for all of the neighbor men to play in the snow and to see whose truck can pull him out. After two rucks, and a snow blower trying he was stuck even worse. In fact he ended up down by the woods causing him to be really stuck. They ended up having to call the farmer down the road to bring his Bobcat to pull him out. Two hours later he was finally out and needless to say they were numb all over. I loved Lisa's response when she looked out the window and saw him stuck back there, "Did you all say to each other today would be a nice day to take a drive down by the woods today?" If you know Lisa, you know it was hilarious when she said it. Oh how we love our neighbors!
Men acting like boys playing in the snow! How did you ever get stuck back there Zach??

Jeff took the older ones sledding yesterday afternoon. They can't wait to get back out there and make some major snow forts with daddy!

Maddy loved watching the snow fall.

She is fascinated with it.

It won't be long until she is playing in the snow with her siblings.

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