Monday, October 13, 2014

Picture Time

We spent some time on Saturday taking new family, sibling and individual pictures. I was wanting to wait for the leaves to change color some more, but instead we took advantage of a beautiful warm afternoon and snapped some at my mom's place. Enjoy!

It only took 4 times to actually get on with everyone looking! That has to be a record.

Our two handsome boys.

Our two beautiful daughters.

This is the most challenging picture to take. I was hoping to get some more of them all together, but it's near to impossible to get Maddy to stand still right now. 

Olivia is becoming a beautiful young lady inside and out.  
Josh looks so much like his daddy!

Nathan is our most photogenic child. I love this one. It captures his mischievous personality!  

He loves having his picture taken. 

Miss Maddy posing pretty. 

I knew as soon as I saw this hat for her I wanted some pictures taken of her in it. 

However, it didn't stay on long. Now you can see those beautiful curls blowing in the breeze. 
Have a great week!

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