Friday, February 4, 2011

Digging us out........

Some of the blocks of snow the boys dug out were as much as 8"-10" thick by a couple feet wide!

Jake moving some heavy blocks of snow

Some of the blocks of snow were as wide as Jake is tall

Sara had me stand in this pic, though I did very little to contribute. The boys had most of the work done before  I even knew they were here.

A pic of the blocks of snow the boys moved off the sidewalk
The snow and ice had left a mess of our sidewalk. It was so solid that I couldn't even break into it yesterday. While I was playing with the kids this afternoon, Sara saw Matt and Jake outside working on our sidewalk. I couldn't believe that they were able to break through and move those huge sheets of snow and ice! Some were 8"-10" thick and a couple feet wide! Before I even knew the boys were here they had most of the work done for us. We are very proud of our very hard working brothers!!!!!

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Dorothy said...

Those little brothers come in very handy at times!!