Sunday, July 31, 2011

Busy couple of days...

The last couple of days have been non-stop around here....

Olivia had some friends over for a sleepover. They were a lot of fun. Except when they all got up at 3 in the morning, got dressed and thought they were up for the day.
Jeff and Josh replaced the half bath flooring with ceramic. I have learned that laminate flooring does not do well with three year old boys whose aim is not so well with the potty. 

Saturday evening Rush's came over for dinner. Josh was excited to have three boys here after the girls sleepover.

 Sunday: We had a church picnic Sunday afternoon. The kids had fun playing all the games.

Livy and Lanie doing the two legged race.

Balancing the egg on a spoon.

Josh balancing an egg.

Nate balancing- actually holding the egg on a spoon.

Stacking cups race. Josh was really good at this. 

Sack races. Poor Josh had a little trouble with this since he had only one good hand to hold the sack with.

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