Saturday, July 23, 2011

Garage Sales

Today was Galveston's garage sales (I love this day!!). Olivia  and I drove the mule (easier to get in and out of traffic) into town bright and early to get some great bargains. I absolutely love finding a great deal and knowing how much we saved. Here is a look at what we found today.

A plant stand.

A new lamp for Liv (only .50 cents!)

A new desk for Liv. After I strip off the old paint and give it a new coat it will be a great desk for her. It has some great bones and worth the $5.00 we gave for it.

Liv found a sewing machine for herself for a buck.

She spent the rest of the afternoon on her new sewing machine making a herself a new doll with a dress. Great job sis!

My greatest deal of the day was this tea cart I found for the sunroom. It was $20 and I ended up getting it for $10. What a steal!

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