Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy, Busy

I downloaded the pictures I had on the camera today. A little bit of school, football and Josh loosing his first tooth were all on it. Here are some pictures of the last two weeks. Happy Mother's Day to our wonderful mom's and girlfriends in our lives!
It was a big week for Josh. He finally lost a tooth and had his
first football game.

Way to go buddy!

We took them to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky on Wednesday for a field trip,
We saw frogs...

and sharks. Livy is brave enough to try and touch one.

Fish from all over the world,

including this huge Japanese Spider Crab.
It was right on the Ohio River so they enjoyed seeing all of the long bridges and the river.
Josh showing off his science experiment he did in school this week. Ask him about his celery project, and I'm sure he'll share.

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