Friday, July 13, 2012

Lifelong freinds

We are so blessed to have our sweet friends in our lives. We have many friends that we have known basically most of our lives. Friends that have been there in all seasons of our lives in which they hold us up, pray for us, make you laugh until your gut hurts, take in a late night movie when you really need a mommy break, call just to check in, and knowing that in the end they will be there for you know matter what. Right now we are walking the walk of adoption with our lifelong friends Aaron and Christi. It is so nice to go through this season of our lives together in which we can pray for each other, encourage one another when we feel hopeless, and be so happy for each other when good news arrives because we know what each couple is going through. So this week I was really needing some adoption encouragement and at the last minute I called them over for dinner. Thankfully they were able to come over and lift our spirits and the kiddos are always excited to have them over. Here are some pictures of them having a good time.

Eli and Nate getting a drink from the slip and slide. Two peas in a pod.

The boys! Josh loves having his buddies over to play with.

The clan. 5 boys and 1 girl. Soon to be 3 girls as soon as we get our little ones adopted. Livy can't wait!

The two goof-balls, Livy and Adam. They act just like brother and sister.

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