Sunday, August 26, 2012

Camping Trip

We went camping this weekend with our church family. We had so much fun hanging out together and enjoying a relaxing weekend. We even had a church service this morning. Here's our gain with the visitor we had in our tent. Josh's buddy ,Caleb, joined us as his parents aren't the camping type.  Here they  are on their way to explore some trails with dad while mom relaxes.
Dinner Time!

Boy and their fires. Our boys really like gathering sticks to keep the fire going with dad's help. I'm not sure we really needed one as it was 90 degrees and their were all ready two others going in our group.

Thank goodness for the pool. All of the kiddos hung out there Saturday afternoon and after service Sunday.

Movie time! We hung up a sheet so the kiddos could watch The Lorax before bed.

During the movie the adults had a euchre tournament.  ( I should say the guys did, as us mom's made our  much needed late night pop run to Mc Donald's!). 

All of us were exhausted tonight, but I know that  this will be one of those memories the kids will always remember and hopefully becoming an annual tradition.

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