Monday, August 6, 2012

Not much has been going on here lately. School is now in full swing and we are adjusting to our new routine while still trying to enjoy the nice summer days. Not much is going on with our adoption right now. We are awaiting to hear back from another grant and a no-interest loan in order to proceed forward. It could be another four weeks before hearing anything. Please keep this in your prayers as both of these prospects would be a huge moving process for us. Have a great week!
Nate showing off his school work. He is so cute when he comes up to me and says, "Do I have school today?"
Daddy-principal- and now P.E. teacher....Jeff had been given the job of being the kids physical education teacher.

He has them doing some kind of aerobic exercise everyday....I really need to get motivated and join them.

So grandad Allen dropped off a load of dirt in our yard. The kids have discovered it to be their new playground. I looked over and they had their rollers on top of it and rolling down. They attempted to get the four-wheeler up it at one point. Oh my what a mess they were.

This is awesome!

I'm having the best time ever!

Thanks for the fun time Allen!

Jeff found this bike wash idea in a Lowes magazine so he and the boys made their own. I should have put them in it after the dirt pile.

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