Thursday, November 15, 2012


The last two weeks Jeff has taken the kids hunting. He took Livy last week and she lasted about an hour. This week was Josh's turn and he stayed out the whole time. He had so much fun and saw a lot of deer. When they first got to the woods they saw several doe in the field. Jeff  was on one side of the truck getting himself ready and when he turned around to get Josh ready he wasn't there. He found him out in the field chasing the does. When they were in their spot a couple of nice doe came back into the field. Jeff started calling her in then Josh thought he should start trying to call her in also. Let's just say the doe didn't care for Josh's call and ran off.  They didn't bring one home (I wonder why), but the time they spent together is most important. Now it's mom's turn to go!

I can't wait until I can start bringing my bow like dad.

I like spending time with my dad.

Nate didn't understand that he was to young to go hunting.  Instead, with daddy's help, he went out back to shoot his Halloween pumpkin.

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