Saturday, December 15, 2012

Enjoy today

When we woke this morning, life went on as usual for the kiddos as they prepared to go have breakfast with Santa. However, for Jeff and myself we couldn't wrap our minds around the horrific feelings twenty parents had to wake to this morning. Feelings I can't even begin to or never want to imagine. When we were at breakfast at church this morning, our children were playing and enjoying the excitement of Christmas. In the back of my mind was the constant reminder of those parents that won't have these times any longer to make memories with their children. I felt a sense of guilt that we are so blessed to have our children for another day. How do I give God thanks in my gratitude journal for the loss of innocent lives? Do I thank Him that they are in the loving arms of Jesus now, or that it reminds us how fragile life is and can be taken at anytime? How does one find thanks in evil that seems to overtaking this country at a rampant speed ? I thank God by remembering that over two thousand years ago a baby was born in the dark to overcome evil with His light. He came in order for  us to have salvation and to fulfill us with the Holy Spirit which helps us lead those that don't know Him during these difficult times. We are His light in these times to offer hope and reassurance that He is with us and not forsake us.

Josh, his friend Caleb, and Nate

Olivia with her friends, Abby, Delanie and Maryn. Sorry I didn't get a picture with them with Santa.

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