Friday, March 15, 2013

Our week

Just transferred pictures off of the camera from this week. So much to be thankful for, however, Livy had a stomach ache all week and after a trip to the doctor it seems we had some... ahem....backed up issues. She is doing much better today and was able to take a long bike ride this afternoon. Here's what we did this week.

#523 Last Friday was date night with Livy and Jeff. We went out to dinner.

 Then we went to a concert. One of Liv's favorite singers, JJ Heller, was to be performing however she wasn't there. Unfortunately we left after the first act.  Lets just say it was extremely loud and not what we considered worship music. Thankfully they gave us our money back. I felt bad for Livy as she was so disappointed.  

Saturday Livy decided she wanted to make Allie some dog biscuits.

#555 A boy's messy room because they are so involved in their imaginary play.

#556  Giving them boxes to make play houses out of.

#563 Nate painting and being a little to expressive.


#565 Josh got his new violin today. He was so excited to learn the strings and play it today. I need to get Nate on his now. 

#528- Last Saturday we were blessed again with another check from some dear friends towards the adoption. We are so amazed at how in the last month God has used our so many of our friends to bring us within $1000 of what the total cost will be. We could never thank you all enough for supporting us with your love, encouragement, funding, and walking with us in this season.
  We love you all so much. 

#567 Hearing a new song that says exactly how you feel.

It's so true- Eucharisteo- thanksgiving always precedes the miracle. 
Since I have started my gratitude journal and being truly grateful for the smallest things, I have seen and experienced so many blessings. From the smallest ones I never would have considered before as a gift of the moment to the larger ones that I have been floored by.

#568 Just got a text form Aaron and Christi- they could be have their little one in their arms in three weeks! Eucharisteo!!

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