Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Jeff wrapped up his vacation today, and  I think he is ready to go back. My honey-to-do list was quite long so I imagine he is ready to go back to get a break from me! Along with working around home we wrapped up softball and football for the year. I don't know what we will do with our evenings now. Its nice to have some time just to be home and relax for a change. Here's some pics of the kiddos.

Last game of the year. They came in undefeated!

Livy with her first place trophy. She also won the Mental Attitude Award for her team. This was her best year of softball from playing to her coach, she loved this team and is sad she won't be on it next year.. We are so proud of you sis!!

Josh with his team at the closing ceremony. He improved so much this year and was excited to have daddy as one of the coaches. Great job buddy!!

We took them yesterday to the Indiana State Museum so the boys could see the Star Wars exhibit. They have been waiting to go for a month.

Josh and Nate with the original R2D2 and C3PO. While the boys did this exhibit Livy and I visited the Abraham Lincoln exhibit and walked along the canal. Sorry, no pics of that.

Livy had a swim party with her softball team last night. They had a blast.

The boys got to go too. Josh jumped off a diving board for the first time last night. He loved it!

Nate never lets go of the side. 

We got to meet Leah Grace! She is a cutie.

Jeff took Josh and Caleb fishing last week. Summer is going by to fast. These are the best days that we will always cherish.

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