Saturday, June 1, 2013


Yesterday will be a day that will we will never forget, the day we met the possible birth mother of our soon to be daughter. Everyone told us that it would be awkward and conversation maybe difficult during our meeting. However that was far from the case. I felt an automatic connection with this lovely young lady and Jeff and I were amazed at how much our personalities were alike. We hit it off right away and I truly felt that she was the one. God has been so amazing at every step of this process that I should not be surprised at how well we connected. Her faith in Christ is remarkable as well as what her goals are for herself. I was truly blown away at how mature she was. We are excited at getting to know her more and building our relationship together with her. Our heart is overflowing with anticipation of bringing this precious little one into our family. However, at the same time I feel the sadness that will be coming for her as she entrusts her daughter to us. I have so much admiration for her as she is choosing to give this little one life and a family that will love her endlessly. We are truly humbled and honored that she has chosen us to be the parents to her daughter. Please continuing praying for peace and God's will for all of us.


Abrah said...

This is so exciting! Josh and I are soooo happy for you and your family! God is good all the time! My prayer is that one day God will have a little girl planned for us to adopt...but time will tell :) Congratulations!!!

Jeff and Sara Packard said...

Thanks so much Abrah! You guys need a girl in that family. Hopefully in time there will be one.