Monday, March 17, 2014

Anxiously waiting

Spring cannot get here soon enough for this family. We are itching to get to work around the house, plant flowers, open the windows, play outdoors and of course......


play in the mud!

Or get stuck in the mud, as my brothers decided to do on Saturday with our Mule.


Jeff tried pulling them out with his truck, but about got stuck himself. Thankfully Zach got a winch for his Gator this Christmas and pulled them out. Now Jeff thinks we need one. What is it with the men in our neighborhood thinking they can drive in the mud and snow around here and not get stuck!

Needless to say the truck needed a wash after that adventure.

My hubby knows how anxious I am to plant flowers and see them blooming. He got me these beautiful roses for my birthday today. He's such a sweetie.

Here's a picture of my spring drink, a green smoothie.

Half a banana, handful of spinach, handful of kelp, cucumbers, mint or parsley and I switch between a pear or a kiwi, and almond milk to mix it together

Actually, I have been having these with my breakfast for the past two months. Let me just say they are delicious! They give you a lot of energy and I no longer need caffeine to get me going. However, I still can't convince Jeff to try one. Since January we have made some changes to what we are consuming. It all started when I read an article about flouride in toothpaste and began researching other harmful chemicals in what we eat and put on our bodies. Since then it has snowballed into a lot of changes in what we are and are not consuming. Shortly after making these dietary changes, I read the following devotional one morning that helped reaffirm the changes taking place in our pantry and in exercising. This was published in January by Charles Stanley in his In Touch monthly devotional:

"We all know there is an undeniable relationship between our health and our ability to reach our full potential. We may labor to have a clean heart, a clear mind, and a balanced schedule, but without a healthy body, we simply cannot do our best. And good health will be enhanced when we begin to think about our bodies the way God does.

In the sixth chapter of 1 Corinthians the apostle Paul teaches that our bodies belong to the living God (vv. 19-20). As a result, we all have a decision: am I going to take care of my body, or will I ignore or abuse it?

None of us would walk into church and deliberately make a big mess, smearing red or black paint all over the place where God's people worship. With that in mind, consider this. The human body, because it is indwelt by the Holy Spirir, is far more important than any house of worship that ever existed.

Nevertheless, people often assume that neglecting or mistreating the body is their own prerogative. Whether the issue is substance abuse, abortion, or unhealthy habits, many people will say, 'This is my body. I can do with it whatever I want.' But as we read in Scripture, your body is not your possession. Although you can do as you please, you will pay the price for poor decisions. Sin has its consequences, and sin against the body can inflict a penalty that lasts even beyond the present generation. Ask God to help you regard the body as He does so that you will care for it appropriately."

Over the last two months change has been hard on everyone, but I never thought it would be easy. We've had some battles, but the kiddos are getting to a point where they ask me if something they are eating is a wise choice. I plan on sharing some recipes we are using on here from time as well as other products we have switched to.

Have a blessed week!


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