Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I have been terrible about keeping up with our blog lately. Life gets a little crazy around here and I'm one tired mama by bedtime. So hears a recap of what happened around here in February......

Nate joined us for our date night. He was needing a little time alone with mom and dad. Of course he wanted to match daddy and go to what he calls "Applebeans" for dinner.

We enjoyed family night with our church family at the bowling alley. 

It happened to be the same night of the Superbowl.  I think Jeff is about through mourning over the loss.

Livy has been taking a pottery class with our home school group. It's a nice time for mom too, as we home school moms get to sit around and talk for awhile.

I have no idea what these two are suppose to be. They came to breakfast last week dressed like Rambo. 

Daddy and Josh busy working on making Mind-craft pickaxes.

They turned out to be really cute.

Hopefully this will be the last snowman of the season. I'm not sure why Nate's holding his fishing pole.

We took Maddy to see her first play, Charlotte's Web, two weeks ago. They all enjoyed it. 

Somebody likes blueberries!

Jeff has been doing such a great job of keeping the boys busy this winter as we try and limit the electronics. 

He took them out to the shop to practice whittling last week. 

Maddy is ready to roll.

Laney and Maddy at youth group. Laney tells everyone that Maddy is her God-sister. It's so sweet!

Jeff and I are rotating with other parents in leading our kids youth group. We have had a lot of fun hanging out with all the kiddos. Maddy of course loves getting all of the attention,. Notice she is now sitting on her own!!

Hanging out with Aunt Andy at youth group. So spoiled!

I love this picture of our two girls!

We headed to the Children's Museum last Wednesday.

Pretending to be divers.

Checking out artifacts from a pirate ship. 

They were excited to sit in a real race car, 

They always have to ride the carousel. 

Maddy was fascinated with watching the  balls drop.

She loved to look at herself in the mirrors. 

Livy and Jeff stacking dominoes.

This was the reason we went to the museum. Liv and Josh are studying World War 2 in school and I wanted them to see some artifacts from that time. They also watched a play about Anne Frank. 

Getting ready to watch a play about Ruby Bridges. 

He's such a good daddy!

Another project Jeff has the boys involved in this week. Taking old machines apart to see how they work and make new ones. Nate told me yesterday that he has the coolest dad ever!

Last Tuesday our home school group had talent night. This was a great opportunity to practice speaking in front of an audience. Olivia played Bach's  minuet in G major. 
Liv and Josh recited a poem by Christina Rossetti. Also, Liv, Josh and Nate displayed artwork they have been working on in school. Good job kiddos!

I will try and do a better job in March!

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