Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July/11 months

Crawling, pulling herself up, eating table food, says uh-oh, claps, screams a high pitched scream to get your attention, has 8 teeth, drinking milk

Such a fun personality

Maddy's first tent

Both boys started riding without trianing wheels last week!

Josh went to church camp with Caleb.

Such a good picture of dad and the boys doing what they do best on a Sunday afternoon, hanging out in the garage.

Livy and Molly hanging out at Allen and Grammy's.

Molly and Livy hanging out at the fair with Molly's pigs.

Nate caught his first fish. He refused to take his picture with it though.

Maddy celebrated her first 4th of July!

She didn't last long at the parade.

Getting ready for the parade to start.

Livy and Ellie at our 4th of July party

Grammy and Maddy enjoying the 4th.

The kiddos requested that we play our traditional 4th of July relay.

It's such a messy game, but they all enjoy it.

Allen and the kids doing poppers.

Miss Cate was the brave one getting in the pool with all the kids.

She has a lot more energy than we do.

This year I set up a coloring/activity table to do before fireworks.

Enjoying some sparklers before the fireworks begin.

Leah enjoying doing sparklers with her mommy.

The kiddos trying to get the best view for the fireworks.

We hope you are all enjoying you summer days!

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