Thursday, July 24, 2014


Last week we enjoyed some family time together as Jeff was on vacation. We debated on taking a trip out of state, but we weren't sure how Maddy would do being in the car that long. So instead we headed down to Santa Claus, In for a couple days. After the four hour car ride there, we were glad we didn't go any further. Miss Maddy was ready to get out of her seat!

We spent the first day doing some sight seeing. We visited Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home. 

Nancy Hanks Lincoln tomb. 

The original site of Abraham's boyhood home. The kids couldn't believe how small it was. 

It's not very often Jeff and I get our picture taken together without one of the kiddos in it. Here we are on the trail going back to the homestead.

Throughout one of the paths there are 12 stones. Each one is taken from an important building that is related to Abraham Lincoln. I believe this one is from where he wrote the Gettysburg Address.

We visited the Santa Claus museum

Went to the first post office in Santa Claus,In to write a letter to Santa. 

Mailing our letters to Santa/ 

An enormous statue of Santa Claus

Nate was so excited to meet Santa. Maddy wasn't quite sure of him though. 

The next day is when they were really excited! We took them to Holiday World for the entire day.
 Maddy and Mommy enjoyed the carousel. 

The tea cups are about as much as a ride mom can handle anymore. 

Maddy enjoying the water park.

We had the perfect weather!

Liv and Josh are on this huge racing slide. 

Maddy and Josh hanging out in the water. 

Jeff and Livy on the flying swings. Liv is the one on the left with the bright pink and Jeff is next to her with the black shirt.

Nate enjoying a ride that he didn't have to have mom or dad go on with him.

Nate taking Mom for a ride. 

Of course we have to have a family picture taken with Santa.

Josh riding in the eagle. 
Daddy and Nate on the eagle ride. This was Nate's favorite ride. 

Jeff had to take this picture in the parking lot of Holiday World. The kids thought it was neat. 

Friday night we surprised them by taking them to the drive in movies. What a good time!

Daddy and the boys playing a little ball before the movie started. 

Saturday evening we enjoyed family night at church. There were all kinds of games for the kiddos to do. Here's Nate with some of his buddies in the jumper. 

Josh getting wet in the giant water blob. 

Maddy and her buddy on the airplane. 

While we were at the Abraham Lincoln park Nate found a walnut. 

So he and Daddy brought it home and planted it in the back yard. He calls it his Lincoln tree!
Hanging out at home making some smores.

Nate and fire are always scare me!

Our neighbors celebrated their 70th anniversary and they made an outdoor stage with trees from the woods. Of course it had to be taken apart. So Jeff and the kids helped Zach and the boys in the demolishing.

Nate trying to show how strong he is. Good job buddy!

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