Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This is Casting Crowns newest song and theme song for the movie Courageous which comes to theaters Sept. 30. We  have to wait until Oct. to go see it for our couples night at church. Then our small group is doing the bible study that goes with it. 
This song absolutely brings me goose bumps every time I hear it. It is so true that Christian men in this country need to be Courageous and start being the heads of their homes and leaders in the work place. I am so thankful for Jeff and to his accountability partner at work, Troy, for shining for Jesus in an occupation in which you see the worst in people. I hope they will be able to use this video and movie as a tool to lead other men at work to Christ and to be leaders in their homes.
I also want thank you honey for being the spiritual head of our home and leading me and the kids in the word and lifting our family and marriage in prayer everyday. I love you and  I am so proud that you are constantly answering God's calling in our home, work and church. You are truly a courageous man in every area of your life.
Also, Brittany I think of you when hearing this. Thank you for answering His calling and starting the marriage mentoring at church. This video is exactly what we have talked about. There is a roaring lion in  our churches trying to tear marriages apart. I know how much you will love this movie. Can't wait to see it with you guys. 

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Brittany said...

i LOVE that song sara! there is a roaring lion and we all need to be courageous to fight it in God's name. so blessed to be apart of our church family.