Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Got Beef?

So a couple of weeks ago at church Ryan Zeck comes up to me and hands me a paper and to fill out.  He said there is half a beef at the locker with our name on it and we just need to let them know how we want everything packaged. I had know idea they had one of their cows taken in. So I asked him how much we needed to pay him and he replies nothing. After arguing with him all during church I gave in and just had to realize that when someone wants to be a  blessing to  you you let them. So last week Andrea showed up with a freezer full of beef for us.  We are so thankful not only for the beef but for the friendship we  share to travel this life with.
"I thank my God every time I remember you. " Philippians 1:3

So now after loosing a freezer full of pork last year due to a little one unplugging the freezer, I am paranoid about losing this beef. I am out there everyday checking on it.   

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