Saturday, October 22, 2011


So last night Jeff and I tucked the kiddos into bed and were enjoying a nice fire outside. About fifteen minutes later Olivia comes out and said she's decided she's ready to get her ears pierced. Last time she thought she was ready she got in the chair and decided that having a needle go through her ear was not so appealing. We talked to her about it and told her she would have to be brave. So this morning I took her in as soon as they opened, as fear she would change her mind, and bravely had her dainty ears pierced. She was so brave. She did the first one and I could see her eyes water up, and I was so scared she wouldn't her do the other one. She held my hand tightly and fought back any tears for the second. She is so proud of herself and looks so cute.

Get ready....


I love them!

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