Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Jeff

Happy 37th birthday to my sweetie today....I think it is 37....

Last weekend Jeff was filling out some adoption paperwork and I was checking over it for corrections and noticed he had my age down as 34. I tell him he needs to correct that.

He says, "That's right your 34."

"No I'm 35." I say back

"No your 34 and I'm 36." He says

Do you have one of those moments when your mind goes blank and you can't think and process anything. I'm having one of these moments at this time and say to him, "You mean for the last year I have been thinking I'm 35 and I'm only 34!"

He says, " Yeah. You mean for the last year you thought you were 35."

Ok, my mind is back and I know I am right. I ask him what year I was born and he gets that right. I tell him to do the math.

"Oh, that's right I'm going to be 37 and so you are 35." Now I'm the one laughing.

I guess the closer to 40 you get the more the mind goes. Oh well. I was hoping that maybe this one time I could admit happily that he was right. I love you sweetheart!!

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