Sunday, January 15, 2012


For all  SCM's a look at the redecorated schoolroom.  Four years ago when we  started homeschooling I  had a vision of how I wanted the schoolroom to look like. I  never  mentioned it to Jeff, but right before Christmas break I let him in on my vision. The next thing I knew he was off getting the materials needed in order for it to happen and he told me to order the things I needed. So today he finished up the nature/science table and I am very pleased with the results. The room is only 11'x12' so I really took advantage of every inch of the walls I have leaving enough floor space to sit and do activities.  I really thought of how I could use every inch of space without it looking crowded  but making sure we weren't wasting space. Here's a peek of our little schoolroom.

Kiddos new 7 foot desk. Plenty of room for all of them to work at once with me on the other side teaching them. It has also been nice for painting, doing crafts and even cooking. I got their chairs at Wal-Mart for a good deal. They love them.

   Teacher's desk which connects to kiddos. Plenty of room for all my stuff.

Storage above my desk. I can't stand having piles laying around so on the shelf  I added paper trays for kiddos work and different types of paper. Under the shelf  I added some cork boards for notes, upcoming field trips,  and to-do lists.
Our morning board. To the side are  art pieces of the artist we are studying. I found the frames at the Dollar Store. Changing the pictures in them is so easy.

We got them beanbag chairs for Christmas. They have really enjoyed using them for their reading time and doing activities on the floor.  I just added the magnetic board for them to use for spelling and other activities.  I would like to add some kind of  shelving for their magnet pieces and map tools under the maps . Above that is is the  Charlotte Mason  I Am, I Can, I Ought, I Will which we recite every morning. There is also wall storage above the maps the length of the wall.

Wall storage keeps all our manipulatives,  paints, books and other odd things. Above them I keep the kiddos binders that holds their finished work. I take advantage of all the wall space up to the ceiling.

Other wall has two storage cabinet with our nature/science table in the middle. On the front of the storage cabinets I attached clips to hold the kiddos paintings.

Nature/Science table.  The bottom part is holding puzzles and some activities for my preschooler,

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Amanda said...

I love your school room! You did a great job using all the space you have for storage. It makes me want to go to the hardware store and build some shelves :)