Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just waiting...

Just wanted to give everyone an update on our adoption process. As of today we are fifth in line from getting a referral for our country. We will then know who she is which will be so exciting.
We are almost finished taking our required classes. We have 2 more to get in and I have to finish writing up our country cultural essay. Jeff has been busy typing up grants and sending them in. We are praying that we are granted at least one or two. We are also looking into doing some fundraising with t-shirts. If you have a chance go to showhope.org and check out the shirts. They are soooo cute. We contacted them today about doing some fundraising so we will let you know when we have some available. Other that that we are waiting and walking in faith. God has been so good in leading in us in every step of our process. We have already seen His hand at work and have been blessed to share our story with others.  I was contacted by homeschool mom in our area today about our process as she and her husband want to adopt too. It so neat to share our story and process with others and to tell them how faithful God is when you are in the center of His will. We have also been blessed to have Aaron and Christi by our side as they are also adopting a little girl. It will be such a blessing to watch these girls grow up together and be close friends. God is so amazing and good!
We sang this song Sunday at church and I just love it. It is called While I'm Waiting. As we are waiting for our little girl we will continue to serve and worship Him everyday.

PS- Happy 60th Birthday to my Dad tomorrow. Love you!!

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