Friday, February 17, 2012

Water Park

For Christmas Ma and Pa got the kiddos a gift card to the Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati so we headed off Monday morning for a little break. They had a blast and want to know when we can go back. Thank you Ma and Pa!

Leap pad crossing.

Josh giving it a try.

Hanging out in the wave pool. This is where Liv and Josh spent most of their time. Every 15 minutes waves  are created to make you feel like you are in the ocean. They loved it.

Mom and Nate spend time on the lazy river.

Took a break before dinner to play in the arcade.

They got wolf  ears with their dinner.

They got their baths and jammies on and went down for some ice cream before story time.

At 8:00 they have story time for the kids at the clock tower. It was really neat.

Story time with Sparkle.

They were excited to get their Valentine Gifts when they woke up Tuesday.

After breakfast we headed back to the water before heading home. This was a raft we all got to sit on together and go down a  water slide. I was worried that Nate would be scared but he loved it and wanted to keep going.

We had  a wonderful time but all were exhausted on the way home.

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