Friday, September 16, 2011

Koh Koh Mah

It's time to start field trips again. Today we went with the home school group we are a part of and went to Koh Koh Mah. This is the first year we went. I was really impressed with all of the reenacting and the history the kids were able to learn. 

This is the skeleton of an Indian wigwam.

Learning that Indians used animal horns to make all kinds of things.

Josh sitting with the Indian boy at the campfire.

Josh really enjoyed watching them make bullets for their muskets.

Livy tasting some of their food. She really liked it.

Watching at the spinning wheel.

They had all kinds of games the children used to play back in the 1700's. Liv and Josh both enjoyed trying all the games.

Candle making was a big hit.

Of course we had to buy a sword for a souvenir.

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