Sunday, September 18, 2011

Workin Hard

Liv and Josh pushed up their sleeves and worked hard this weekend. Liv and I made applesauce all Saturday afternoon. We ended up with 30 quarts of sauce. We will hopefully get 30 more done next Saturday which will keep us stocked for a year. 
For church we had Sunday serve day.  Instead of having church we divide up into teams and go out into the community to serve. Liv, Josh and I did landscaping at the new Habitat for Humanity house in Kokomo. Nate stayed at the nursery at church to help pack Christmas shoe boxes.

Liv cranking away making applesauce. She is such a great helper.

Josh digging a hole at the habitat house for his plant.

Livy busy planting.

Josh and his buddy Luke. They both did great helping. Then after awhile this hill looked like a lot more fun for them.

Teamwork! All the kids thought if they worked together they could get this huge tree root out.

All the kiddos that helped at this site. Great job kids!

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