Sunday, September 25, 2011


We took the kids on a field trip last week to Prophetstown State Park in Battle Creek. There was absolutely no one there. I mean no one! We had the whole park to ourselves. It was a beautiful place for the kids to play and explore. We are planning on going back in a couple of weeks when the leaves start changing to take some pictures of the kids.

We had some playtime on the plays set before lunch.

Josh loved this thing.

He's just too cute!

We then headed over to the farmhouse which is meant to look like a home would in the 1920's. Here's Liv looking at pictures in 3-d.

Nate thought the typewriter was neat.

"What is this thing?" Josh asked, "And how do I make it work?"

Learning the purpose of a windmill.

We had a great family day!

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