Thursday, December 29, 2011

Answered Prayer

Today we just want to thank God for once again answering our prayers and realize that we should not be surprised. Back when we felt led to start the adoption process, we had no idea on how we were going to do it financially. We both knew that we were suppose to do this and that if we walked in faith He would provide the means. We agreed to follow Him knowing that if this was truly His will He would provide us a way to make it work. For months we have been filling out paper work and doing  the other necessary things that need done not knowing how we were going to pay for it. Everyone kept asking us how we were going to do it financially and all we could say is that He will show us the way. We have been diligently praying together about this and trusting in Him to open the doors that needed opening in the time they needed opened. We finalized our home study last Friday which means we are able to start applying for grants and no interest loans for our adoption. However, last night we received a call from my dad. He told us that Jeff was just approved by the town board to become a part-time deputy for Walton. The money he is going to make will be just what we will need every month to take care of a adoption loan payment. (Ok, now I'm crying because He is so amazing in the way He works- He is truly awesome!) Should we be surprised that He has opened this door?  We have seen Him work so many miracles in our lives at just the time we need it that we should not be. However, I am always amazed at how powerful and how much He truly loves us. So we will continue to walk by faith in this process even though we cannot fathom at what He has in store for us.

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