Saturday, December 3, 2011

Busy couple of days...

We have been non-stop the last couple of days. We had our home study portion of the adoption process Wednesday. Our next step is to take ten hours of classes and begin an essay of the country we are adopting from. We are hoping that by this time next year maybe we will have our little girl home. We are so excited that our dear friends, Aaron and Christi, have also decided to adopt internationally. It will be so awesome to watch these girls grow up together and see how amazing adoption can be. Anyway, Liv, Josh and I went with KASH on Friday to the Seiberling Mansion for a field trip. It had been a long time since I had been there and forgot how beautiful it was inside. Friday evening we went to some friends house who also homeschool. They had four homeschool families over to kick of the Christmas season with dinner and fellowship. A couple of these families are the ones that encouraged five years ago when we started thinking about homeschooling and we have all enjoyed growing and learning through this experience ever since. We  try to get together a couple of times through the year with our families and once a year just us parents pick a homeschool convention to go to for the weekend to enjoy each others company.  So then this morning we got the kiddos up at 8:00 and told them we had a surprise for them!  We love waking them up like this and having them guess all the way there what it is. This time we got tickets to see the circus at Conseco. They were all glued to the show and had a great time. Tomorrow we have church then the kids Christmas program in the evening. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

At the Seiberling Mansion standing in front of  the Dirilyte display and a picture of the factory workers from 1942. They were excited to see their Great, Great Grandpa Charlie Heflin and Great Grandpa Dan Heflin  in the picture.

At the Mayhill's for dinner Friday evening. Liv and her girlfriends enjoying some playtime.

Daddy and his boys in their Bronco shirts at the circus.

Two clowns!

Daddy surprised them with snowcones in their own elephant cups!

Mommy surprised them with cotton candy! Yummy and sticky!

Only Nate could fall asleep during the circus. Poor guy.

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