Friday, December 9, 2011

Prayer Basket

I found this idea in a homeschool magazine and I can't wait for us to start it Monday. It's called prayer basket devotions. Up to now the kiddos and I say a prayer before we start the school day. We dedicate the day to him and ask him to be present in all we do and then add any other prayers we have. Anyway, our prayers often become routine and not heartfelt. They often don't realize that there are people all over the world that need our prayers. But Monday that will change. I have made a prayer basket with four different colors of paper each representing a different category for prayer: Countries, Ministries & Missionaries, Family & Friends, and Prayer Requests. Everyday we rotate on who's doing the prayer so the person doing the prayer that day will choose each color from the basket and pray for that specific need. After the prayers we will locate the country on the map we prayed for (just a little way to sneak in some Geography). Then, as weeks and months pass they will right down any answered prayers they have heard or seen in their prayer journals.I will be continually rotating the slips of paper for any new prayers that come up. I can't wait to start this. I never want the kiddos to think of prayer as mundane. I want them to see the power of prayer and to be prayer warriors for their families someday. Here is an awesome site I found where you get daily emails for a country to pray for,  specific needs that country has and some interesting facts.  I think this will be an added bonus in the educational area .Here's the link

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